Sessional Address Of The First Ordinary Meeting Of The Third Session Of The Second Assembly Of The Obuasi East District Assembly











I am very grateful for the opportunity given me as the District Chief executive of the Assembly to among other things, address the third session of the second Assembly of Obuasi East District Assembly.  Let us all thank Almighty God for his mercies and the gift of life, making it possible for all of us to be present today.


Since the beginning of this year, we have encountered a lot of issues as an Assembly and I am happy to inform you that, I have enjoyed a great deal of your cooperation in managing the challenges even before this meeting.  All I can say is that I am grateful to this August house for your enormous contribution to the development of this young Assembly as we seek to attain Municipality status in a very shortest possible time.


Hon. Presiding Member, I am exercising my responsibility as the District Chief Executive of this Assembly to make presentation of the state of the district to this August house as provided for in section 28 (2a) of the Local Governance Act (Act 936) which state among others, that “the District Chief Executive shall present a report on the performance of the functions of the Executive Committee of the office of the District Chief Executive as well as the state of the District to the District Assembly at the beginning of each session”.


The Assembly set targets for the implementation of Programmes and Projects in its Annual Action Plans to address the development aspirations of the people in this district.  I am enjoined therefore, to make presentation on the progress of the implementation in the district and the way forward.



Election of Presiding Member (Pm)

Hon. Presiding Member, as you are aware, the Presiding Member and other Government Appointees two (2) years tenure of office of this Assembly elapsed on the 8th January, 2022 and as such the Assembly scheduled a special meeting on 29th March, 2022 for re-election of the incumbent Presiding Member or a new Presiding Member of the Assembly.  When nomination opened, it was only the incumbent who solely filed for the position.  He was therefore endorsed overwhelmingly by this august house.  He took the oath of office and secrecy administered by the supervising circuit Court Magistrate of Obuasi.


Before voting took place, all the government appointees were also administered to take oath of office and secrecy ushering them into office as honorable members of this Assembly.


Hon Presiding Member, the Assembly scheduled another special meeting on 14th April, 2022 for the constitution of the two (2) committees of the Assembly namely, the Executive Committee (Execo) and the Public Relations and Complaints Committee (PRCC).  At the said meeting the traditional sub-committees namely, F&A, Works, Development Planning, Social Services, Justice and Security and two additional ones Agric and Environmental sub-committees were formed.

Sub-Structures of the Assembly


Hon. Presiding Member, on the sub-structures, that is the Town councils and Unit Committee, so far they had been successfully formed with the full complement of their respective committees.  The Assembly organized training models to help them perform on their mandate.

What is left to be done on the sub-structures of this Assembly is the provision of permanent office accommodations and furnishing.  


Hon. Presiding Member, this is important in the sense that we need to have offices where Hon. Council Members would meet and deliberate over issues and make decisions. It is also a symbol of authority and the office space would also afford the Assembly the opportunity to furnish by procuring the necessary infrastructure and the logistics such as; Chairs, Computers as well as Cabinets etc.


It is my prayer that after executing all these activities for the substructures, the Councilors would be committed to work hard to complement the effort of the parent Assembly to address the aspirations of the people in this district.


Hon. Presiding Member, I am reporting that the security of the district is very stable and peaceful.  Though, there are minor crimes committed and reports of the youth always having intention to intrude into the underground operations of AGA but the security operatives of the AGA in collaboration with the security agencies and Nananom in the district had been always on top of security issues and proved equal to this threat.

The strategies being used to ensure that maximum security is maintained within the district are

  • the frequent District Security and stakeholders’ meetings to plan and strategies on how to maintain the peace and tranquility prevailing in the district
  • Establishment of community watch Dog Committees and Security and
  • Assisting Police Command to undertake Night Patrols to increase security visibility in the communities within the district.


Related to measures to improve security in the district is the provision of street bulbs to enhance the lightening systems on our various streets so that crimes in the communities become unattractive. This would afford the ordinary person as well as business men and women the opportunity to go about their normal work without any fear.


The construction and completion of an ultra-modern police station at Kwabenakwa and vigorous plans are underway to secure a strategic place for the siting and construction of the police Administration block for the District which would be the headquarters of the Police Administration in the district. These are all actions and planned activities to improve security in the district.


Hon. Presiding Member, on the financial front, the Assembly has not done badly at all.

A cursory look at the financial performance statement indicates that the Assembly was able to mobilize Two Hundred and Forty Thousand, Nine Hundred and Sixty-Four Ghana Cedis (240,964.00) out of the approved budgeted figure for the first quarter which is Three Hundred and Seventy-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Eighty Ghana Cedis (378,680.00).

Hon. Assembly Members, this figure represents 63.63%. Notwithstanding this performance, I wish to stress here that there is more room for improvement if we are to exceed our target and get more funds for development projects.   The performance could be explained in the light of the fact that the first quarter just started and Rate payers normally feel reluctant to make good payment of their rates and other taxes during the first quarter of the year.  I am sure that the performance would gather momentum in the second and third quarter.

This is very important in the sense that; the Assembly now has revenue mobilization Mini Bus for revenue mobilization which would improve Revenue mobilization.  So we have to take advantage of the availability of the vehicle and other measures and mobilize more revenue to finance programmes and projects of the Assembly.

It is my fervent believe that management would put appropriate measures in place to plugged holes so that revenue items which are not contributing to the overall revenue performance would be made to perform.


Hon. Presiding Member, in our bid to increase the Assembly’s Revenue base, the budget committee of the Assembly had rolled out series of activities to make sure that, the revenue base of the Assembly is increased.

Some of the activities being done at the moment include:

  1. The ongoing registration and permit regularization of all containers in the district
  2. The ongoing building of database of
  3. all container and temporal structures
  4. Existing Advertisement

iii.    Private Schools

  1. Hotels, Petroleum stations, Churches and Mosques
  2. AGA properties in the district is under revaluation exercise to get the current economic value for billing.

We have also resolved to enforce the payment of rate at the law court to collect revenues payable to the Assembly to finance its programmes and projects.

I am encouraging Hon. Members to get involved and support the drive when the call is made on them.


Hon. Presiding Member, as you may be aware, human resource is the people and for that matter the technical staff posted to the Assembly to work in the various decentralized departments so as to meet the developmental goals or agenda of the Assembly.

Most of these staff are our assets and need to be managed effectively and efficiently such that they would be motivated to help the Assembly gain competitive advantage among its peers and increase productivity.

Hon. Presiding Member, the Assembly after its establishment in 2017 started with a skeletal number of staff who started work and toil for the district to grow has now increased.  Now, I am happy to inform you that the Assembly has received a lot staff and posted them into the Assembly’s various departments, from a modest beginning of 15 staff to now One Hundred and Twenty-Four (124).  These staff over the period had work assiduously for the Assembly to be among the best in the Region. 

The challenge now is how to find a decent Official and Residential Staff accommodation to afford them the opportunity to work effectively and efficiently. Whiles Management is seriously working around the clock to solve this challenge, many training models and career developments opportunities aimed at building staff capacities to perform well on their mandates have been conducted to benefit targeted staff.

Postings and Those Who Have Left the Service

From the beginning of this year, some of the staff had gained reposting from the district to elsewhere and new ones have also posted to replace them.  Others too have attained the compulsory retirement age and had since embarked on their retirement journey.

Hon. Presiding Member, notable among those on posting from the district is the Police Commander, Mr. Martin Assenso, Mr. Daniel Ntiri Nyame Dist. Budget Analyst and Haruna Abibata an Agric Extension Officer.

Staffs posted to the district to replace outgoing ones are Ms. Mavis Addo Senior Budget Analyst and Mr. Anin, District Agric Director.

Those on retirement were Ms Vida Yeboah Afriyie, Chief Revenue Supt., Victor Owusu Ansah former Agric Director and Bishop Aggini of Agric Department.

Those who had died along the way were:  Wisdom Deku Kodjo, an Assistant Director IIB and Gershon Owusu, Chief Technical Officer Agric whose final funeral rites comes off on Saturday, 11th June, 2022. All Hon. Members are invited to attend the funeral and mourn with the bereaved family members.



Hon. Presiding Member, on Health care delivery, the District Health Service is working seriously on their routing action plans for the year to make sure the people in the district stay healthy.

We have to remind ourselves that the COVID -19 pandemic is still with us though, the prevalence and the infection rate has reduced drastically in the country.

However, care must be taking by all of us in the sense that, since the emergence of the pandemic, there is always new variant of the virus appearing in every Six Months.  So it is predicted by the health expect that by the end of June this year if measures are not put in place to check the spread, a new variant of the disease could reappear.             

Currently, some areas in the country such as Greater Accra and elsewhere have started experiencing increasing infections.  In the case of Obuasi East, the situation is stable and as at the time of preparing my address there had been only one positive case assessed in the district.

Notwithstanding this stable situation, the district is not resting on it responsibilities as the Health Service is embarking on mass education on the pandemic as well as administering vaccination to those who have not yet been vaccinated just to make sure that significant number of the population in the district vaccinated.


Hon. Presiding Member, Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a new phenomenon happening in Local governance in the country called Local Economic Development (LED) The orientation over the years for the Administration of Local governance in the country had been predominantly service delivery associated with the provision of physical development namely; provision of infrastructure and Municipal services such as Building Schools, Hospitals, roads, slaughter house and Keeping security as well as provision for Environmental and Sanitation services etc.

Hon. Presiding Member, the local governance experts explain that these are all good, but there is one area which had been relegated to the background for long time and that is the Development of the Local Economy.

It is an innovative strategy to stimulate local economies in which people participate as consumers, micro entrepreneurs and workers, individuals and in groups. The general objective is to make the local economy viable and resilient to benefit the local people.

The government through the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development is initiating a paradigm shift so that all Assemblies have a balance Development Action Plans which reflects service delivery where LED would be actively taking centre stage so that the local people benefits from the employment created out of the programme of actions put in place by respective Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA).

Hon. Presiding Member, all MMDAs are to do self-introspection to know what is locally abound in their localities so that considerable efforts are exercised to develop what is naturally abound in their respective localities. 

Hon. Presiding Member, in the case of Obuasi East District Assembly we have thought through and came out with the model programme to collaborate with the Anglo Gold Ashanti (AGA) Obuasi, other private institutions and the local people to embark on a Public Private Development Agenda through the Diversification of the local economy of Greater Obuasi.  This drive would provide alternative job opportunities to people instead of the situation where all the people see only the AGA Mines sector as the only source of employment opportunity for the people in the Greater Obuasi.

Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Member of Parliament, the District through its Departments namely Agric, BAC and the Planning Units is prosecuting the following programmes to achieve it LED programmes.

Construction of Vocational Structures for Artisans

  1. Construction of vocational structures for Artisans for the Operationalization of Boete Artisans site. This is a programme targeting about 5000 artisans who are into various shades of economic activities and expected to contribute to the socio-economic growth of the District.

Oil Palm Production and Processing

  1. Oil Palm Production and Processing. The oil palm product has divers economic use and application and to a large extend for the manufacturing of edible oil as well as soap making and detergent for cleaning. This District see a clear opportunity to increase the production and take advantage of the economic benefit from it.


  1. 3. Cassava Production and Processing

 The programme is to develop cassava industry sub-sector value chain by establishing a processing factory in the district to add value to the product so that farmers who are into cassava cultivation being one of the most emerging staple food in the district would be encouraged to go into large scale cassava farming to feed the processing industry, and the end product linked to reliable markets, which will create more jobs as well as providing alternative livelihood for the people in the district.

For the smooth start of the project, it is recommended that some portions of the Assembly’s acquired land earmarked for Distict Cemetery in Asonkore should be allocated to prospective cassava farmers for the production of cassava in large scale.

  1. Maize Production and Processing

      Farmers under this programme would be encouraged to go into large scale commercial maize plantation so that maize would be processed into poultry feed and other value chain product to help build the local economy and create jobs in the district.

Development of Medium Industrial Park

  1. Development of an Eco-Industrial Park where business would be established to complement AGA to give the local economy the viability that it deserves.

Development of Hostels

  1. Partnership with the private sector for the development of hotels in Obuasi East Township to accommodate the ever increasing KNUST Obuasi Campus students.

Hon. Assembly Members, I would be very happy if Hon Members would even further discuss and come out with some local industrial activities that could later be considered, harnessed and developed to help boost the local economy of the district in the near future.


Hon. Presiding Member, as you are aware, the government established the Mineral Development Fund (MDF) to among other things, finance projects and programmes in the Mining Areas that respond to the direct aspiration of the people in the area.

This interventional fund would complement the effort of the Assemblies in addressing the developmental challenges of the people in the mining area in the country.


Hon. Members, the committee constituted for the Administration and implementation of the activities of this fund are principally stakeholders who are directly from the affected mining communities rather than the Assembly system.  It is only the Hon. District Chief Executive who is part of the committee.  It was designed so as to afford the communities to come out freely to identify their heartfelt needs and directly execute and own it.

Hon. Presiding Member, Currently the Obuasi East Mineral Development Fund has embarked on some developmental projects namely; the construction of the community centre in Ahansoyawodea, which is completed 2 No. CHIP Compounds with nurses quarters in Anymandukrom and Kwameduakrom.

There are many projects that had been conceived to be beneficiary to the people which had been scheduled to be executed subject to the availability of funds.  It is my fervent hope that releases of funds would flow to enable us finance projects for the benefit of the people.


Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Members, I am briefing the house on the activities in respect of Spatial Planning, Building and Development Permit of the Assembly.

Spatial Planning

Hon. Presiding Member, on Spatial Planning, the Assembly has commenced the preparation of Local Plan for Pomposo Extension due to increasing new physical development springing up in that area.

The Assembly acquired satellites images for the area. These images were digitized and ground throating conducted.  However, we are yet to assign street names.

The scheme when completed would be referred to both the Technical and Spatial Planning Committee of the Assembly for their consideration.


Hon. Presiding Member, it would interest you to know that most of current developments on the ground in the district do not conform to the proposals in the layout making it out dated somehow, Management intends revising the outdated layouts to bring them in conformity with the existing ground situation. 

Street Naming and Property Address Exercise

On street naming and property addressing exercise, the Assembly has covered Eleven (11) communities in the District namely; Wawasi, Kwabrafoso, Anyimadukrom, Tutuka, Boate Brahabebome – Lowcost, New Akaporiso, Akaporiso, Ahansonyewodea, Pomposo and Odumasi.

However, Data collection on properties and businesses had been done on only four (4) communities namely, Wawasi, Kwabrafoso, Akaporiso and Tutuka. The exercise is on-going.

The Assembly received 34,000 digital address plates from the Ministry of special initiative which was allocated to this district and Obuasi West Municipal respectively.

So far 10 street address signage poles had been installed with many scheduled to be placed at the vantage points subsequently.

Reclamation Plans for Boete, Aboagykrom  (Dams 5 – 8) and Sampson Krom (Dams 1 – 2)

Hon. Presiding Member, on Reclamation Plans for Boete, Aboagyekrom (DAM 5-8) and Sampsonkrom (DAM 1-2), I am happy to inform you that with Technical assistance from AngloGold Ashanti (AGA) in consultation with the Traditional Authorities (Akrokerri Divisional Council), the Assembly has successfully facilitated the preparation and approval of the plans.

The revised plan received approval from the Spatial Planning Committee at its meeting held on 12th April, 2022. Currently, demarcation, pillaring and extension of key services such as Water and Electricity to the site are ongoing; parcels of land have been earmarked for timber market, Artisans, Central Market, Schools, Clinic and other ancillary facilities to achieve business and residential environment.

What is left is the final handing over of the facility to the Assembly of onward allocations to the beneficiary local Artisans, timber merchant.

Building / Development Permit

Regarding Building / Development Permit applications, Twenty-Six (26) developments had been received since the beginning of the year 2022, Twenty-Three (23) out of the 26 were considered and approved whereas three (3) applications were deferred for reasons such as proper allocation letters, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permits and Fire Service certifications.


Hon. Members, I would want to implore you to encourage your electorates to come to the Assembly to have permit for their development since it is very rewarding to have permit before embarking on physical development.

It is rather unfortunate to note that many development projects in our communities do not have permits thereby denying the Assembly the necessary revenue and control over physical development.

A cursory look at the level of development springing up in our electoral areas do not match with the number of applications for permit available at the Assembly.



Takeover of the District Slaughter House at Kwabenakwa


Hon. Presiding Member, Hon Member of Parliament, I am reporting on sanitation and environmental issues.  As sanctioned by this very Assembly during its previous meeting, management has carefully followed due process and taken over the District Slaughter House at Kwabenakwa due to poor management of the facility by the contracted care taker.  The takeover was effected on 1st February, 2022 and since then the facility had been directly handled by team of Assembly staff namely, the Estate, Dist. Environmental Health Officer and the veterinary officer who have so far handled the place very well.  There are some recommended set of facilities that needed to be added to it to make it modern and useful.

Hon. Assembly Members, the stage is now set for you to determine what to do in terms of the management of the place as it always is useful to entrust facilities such as this to the private sector for full operation.

I am urging the Hon. Members to make immediate arrangement to enter into Public Private Partnership with a strategic investor so that he makes sure the facility is modern user friendly.


Hon. Presiding Member, waste management which includes collection, transportation, disposal and management of the final disposal site had been going on successfully in the district.


The Assembly, in collaboration with ‘Keeping Obuasi Clean Campaign’ (KOCC) monthly organized clean-up exercise in the communities within the district. Some of the communities benefited from the exercise include Akaporiso, Tutuka, Sampsonkrom, Asikafoamantem and Boete. Again, quarterly fumigation activities is been organized at all sanitary sites including public toilets, refuse dumping sites, final refuse disposal sites as well as the slaughter house.



Hon. Presiding Member, stray animals continue to cause environmental challenges in our houses and destroy back yards gardens.  There is the need to come out with best practices regarding the arrest of the stray animals such that there would be total acceptance from both the victims and the public.

It would be very appreciating if F & A comes out with acceptable road map for a transparent arrest of these stray animals from our streets to bring sanity into our communities.


Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP)  

Hon. Presiding Members, as you may be aware, LEAP is a pro-poor intervention by Gov’t to make cash grants to the very poor in the country to sustain living.  In the case of this district, One Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety (1,290) households in Twenty-Eight (28) communities are benefiting from this programme. From the beginning of this year, 1,268 beneficiaries had received payment for the 75th and 76th cycles in April, 2022.  These grant amounted to Two Hundred and Forty-Three Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty Ghana Cedis (GH₵243,680.00) Twenty-Two (22) beneficiaries could not receive their cash grants due to some enrolment errors.


Persons with Disability (PWD)

Hon. Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, the total number of Person- with-Disability registered in the district currently stood at Three Hundred and Thirty-Nine (339) comprising 176 males and 163 females respectively.

The details are given as per below:

1. Physical Challenged 95 93 188
2. Speech and Hearing 42 42 84
3. Visually Impaired 29 15 44
4. Intellectively Challenged 10 12 22
5. Mentally Challenged 0 1 1
6. Total 176 163 339


On Disability Fund releases, so far One Hundred persons with disability were trained in business entrepreneurship and Twenty Four (24)  were supported in Education, Medical and Orthopedic services, and economic activities.


Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Members, I am happy to inform you that the main trunk road from Obuasi to Asokwa junction which is under reconstruction is steadily progressing. As you can see, the first phase of asphalt overlay had been completed which has significantly reduced the dusty level on the road.  It is my hope that the contractor would complete works very soon so that the road is handed over for use.



Hon. Presiding Member, Again, as we seek to attain municipal status in the near future, there is the need to develop among others, the road infrastructure and other social amenities, there is the need therefore to look for wide alternative by pass roads and route to create access link for motorist in case the main ring road is block accidentally.

Already, management is in consultation with the Urban Roads department and has identified some routes we are planning to develop them in phases due to financial constraints.  Some of these roads  include.


  1. Sennet junction through pompora to Amensan


  1. Adansi High School Road through Kwabenafoso Tutuka Central to

        Tutuka Tiatieso to the main Asokwa road.


iii.     Kwameduakrom through Diawouso refuse dump to Akaporiso

         Abusco junction etc.


It is my hope that Hon. Members would help come out with links which when develop would go a long way to open up the district that would improve access for traffic in the district.





Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Members, the Assembly annual Action Plan contains a lot of projects scheduled to be executed within the 2022 fiscal year.

It is important to note that some of these projects have been rolled over from the previous year’s Action Plans and the composite budgets due to lack of necessary funding.  Others too have been programmed to commence this year.

These include

  1. Construction of 1.0 KM alternative access link road through the graveling and the construction of 1 NO. 900MM concrete pipe culvert and backfilling of 120MM bridge at Kwabrafoso through Tutuka central to Tutuka- Tiatiaso.
  2. Construction and furnishing of 1 NO. 2 unit classroom KG block with office, store, staff common room 4 seater W/C toilet at Brahabebome Independence M/A KG.
  3. Supply of 50 NO. executive tables and 150 NO. chairs for teachers.
  4. Construction and installation of 1 No. cassava processing factory at Mampamhwe.
  5. Construction of 2 No. metal foot bridges over water causes in the district.

The status of projects implementation in the district has been detailed in the Appendix A for your study and further action.



Hon. Presiding Member, Hon Member of Parliament, it is important at this stage to campaign and give little education for your support for the new electronic tax regime E-levy which is basically the electronic taxation on all transactions being done electronically in the country.


Hon. Presiding Member, on assumption of power on 7th January, 2017, His Excellency the President embarked on the formalization of the Ghanaian economy, which paved way for the necessary injection of investment and implementation of the registration of all persons in Ghana electronically which is popularly known as Ghana Card, Mobile inter-operability transfers that is an electronic platform where financial transaction can be moved from one network to another, electronic Banking etc.

After completing the infrastructure for these electronic platforms, business transactions taking place electronically by each day had grown exponentially to the extent that it is now the leading industry in the country.


Hon. Presiding Member, it is therefore useful and prudent to tax this industry to be able to mobilize revenue internally.  This would afford the country and government more revenue to invest in various sectors of the economy.


Hon. Presiding Member, the percentage on each transaction is 1.5% and it is important for Hon. Assembly Members to be informed that the first 100 Ghana Cedis transaction in each day is tax free.  Also personal transfer to self-account is also not taxable. For further information Hon. Members are advised to contact the Assembly’s Information Service Department.



Hon. Presiding Member, this is to serve as a gentle reminder to you all that the Registration Exercise for the National Identification Card popularly known as Ghana Card is still on-going in this district and for that matter the country as a whole.


Hon. Members, I tell you that a time is on the way coming where people would be confronted on the streets, vehicles, offices etc, to produce their National ID Card for prove of nationality otherwise you could be processed to court to prove your innocence whether or not you are citizen of this country.  


I therefore, take this opportunity to entreat all Hon. Assembly Members to bring this awareness to your electorates to appreciate the need to have the card before the exercise is closed.


Hon. Presiding Member, by the end of this year the Ghana Card will be the only legal means of self-identification and by then those who do not have cannot transact any business in the country.





Hon. Presiding Member, equally important is the Sim Card Registration exercises are still going on.  As you are aware the exercise was scheduled to end last year but large backlog of people compelled Government to extend the time till July this year.


Hon. Members, once again I am imploring you to prompt your electorates to take the exercise very serious to avoid the typical proverbial Ghanaian attitude who always would want to wait till the last day to have something done.  It is crucial to note that when the time elapses, you cannot use your Sim Card to either call or transact any business in the country.





Hon. Presiding Member, Hon. Member of parliament, Hon. Assembly members, Heads of Departments, I wish to conclude by saying that my address have been prepared to cover some crucial areas of our mandate that needed to be given focus not to neglect others.  I am aware that we did not touch on some areas that could have responded to your expectations.


My expectation is that as you go back to consider this address in your various sub-committee, you would bring your experience to bear so that ultimately your collective contributions would help refine issues gathered in this address so that it becomes a working document of the assembly that reflects the aspirations of the people in the district.


I wish to thank you profusely for your unwavering cooperation extended to me in the course performance of duty.


May the Almighty God replace in multiple folds all what you have lost at the expense of performing your duties for this Assembly.


As we depart from here to our various electoral areas, it is my prayer that God protect you and guides your steps.


May the Almighty God bless us all.