Obuasi East District Assembly Takes Measures To Prevent Noise Pollution.

The Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit of the Obuasi East District Assembly on Friday, 7th October 2022 organized a stakeholder meeting with all possible sources of noise pollution within the District namely, Religious Leaders, Information Center Operators, Drinking Bar and Pub Operators.


This is in response to an observation made by the Unit about the detrimental effects of noise pollution on people as an emerging environmental health issue.


There was therefore the need for its control to be taken into paramount interest by the various stakeholders in the District.


Mr. James Gamor, the Environmental Health Officer for the District explained Noise Pollution as the excessive and unwanted sound that is injurious to people’s health. He further explained it as the presence of level of noise or sound in the environment that are irritating and very annoying to human and can cause discomfort and harm both mentally and physically to human beings.

The stakeholders were further exposed to various ways of controlling noise pollution in the Obuasi East District.


They gladly accepted the directives by the District Assembly and pledged implementing them.