Records Management Unit training on new software

Training held at Records Management Unit office of Obuasi East District Assembly on 31st August, 2023


The goal of the workshop was to introduce the records management team to the newly improved records management software and the modifications, new dynamics and mechanics introduced to ensure efficient and effective way of securing our data, memo’s and files.

The training took the form of this direction:

The new filing system: file list and file diary -This is aimed to conform with the new addressing of files to match the generally acceptable naming in all over the country and districts.

  • The mailing processes
  • Keeping records of returned mails, letters, memo’s and files
  • Dispatch Records
  • Backup of database activities

The possible outcome expected out of the training, was to see the team being able to fully use the software fulfilling all the requirements and special use of the software.

Each individual should be able to work independently and efficiently even if other members were not available.

The training was for a day which took place on 31st of August, 2023 at 11:00 a.m and ended at 3:30 p.m



The officers who took part in this special training course were six field management unit officers, two MIS officers, two deputy directors, one planning officer and one HR department rep.



The consultant and developer installed the new software reconciling the old database of the old software to the new database of the new software to fit the new specification and directive given by the Local Government Service. This process took a duration of about three hours after which the final training began at 11:00 a.m

The developer took time to explain the new directive and specifications and how it has been incorporated into the software the team were going to use.

The new way to reference a letter to correspond with the national standard and its importance was taught.

The new file list and how to fill it in the software was taught.

The consultant dived straight into the mailing processes, how to receive a letter into the mail and the process the letter was to go through was effectively treated.

When the letter returns, what needs to be done before it finally gets to the responding officer or gets dispatched was also talked about.

The dispatcher, including the receiving client, his contact, location and other vital information was to be taken and recorded in the software.

The team asked the consultant a lot of questions to clear all ambiguity and doubts. Their interest in their new role was aroused at this point. Each individual started building independent skill at this point. At the end, everyone was asked to practice to make sure all could use the software without any difficulty.


The team thanked the consultant for a successful training. The MIS Head, Mad. Rosemond Asirifi Amponsah thanked all the participants and charged all to comply by the new rules especially regarding the referencing of letters. She officially closed the workshop around 3:45 p.m.