Performance Contract Assessors team visits Obuasi East District Assembly

The systematic efforts employed to ensure that services rendered to citizens meet the agreed upon measures and policies laid by the government of Ghana forms part of the quality assurance process. These measures will from time to time be vetted and validated to see if the assemblies are complying with the laid down procedures involved in providing quality and reliable services to the Citizens of Ghana. The Government of Ghana holds its citizens with utmost priority to provide only the best developmental projects and activities to build and improve the lives of its people. It is in view of this, that, a team of assessors are sent every year to verify from MMDAs whether these rules are being followed to the letter. The Quality Assurance team from Local Government Service visits Obuasi East District Assembly on Friday 12th April, 2024 to assess the quality control processes, adherence to industry standards, and overall quality management practices. The purpose of the visit is to evaluate the effectiveness of the quality assurance measures and provide recommendations for improvement if necessary.

The visiting team comprise members with diverse expertise in quality management, including quality control specialists and industry experts. Each team member brought unique insights to the assessment process. Representing the team are Mr. Albert Amoah with Mr. Thomas A. Allotey as the team lead.