General Assembly Meeting – Report from Education and ECG


As part of the District Education Directorate vision to ensure that every child at the lower primary and the kindergarten reads, the District Education oversight committee (DEOC) approved a reading policy in 2022.
According to the District Chief Executive for Obuasi East Hon. Faustina Amissah the reading policy dubbed “100-days of reading” has bridged the non-reading and reading gap by 65%.
Speaking at a General Assembly meeting held in Obuasi on Thursday, 19th April, 2024, the DCE said the improvement in the reading habits of pupils lends credence to the deliberate policy by the Assembly to invest in education.
She said since the establishment of the Assembly in 2018, it has taken upon itself to develop the educational sector of the district by allocating more than 60% of its infrastructure budget on education just to make sure teaching and learning becomes efficient and effective.
Hon. Amissah reaffirmed the Assembly’s commitment to continue to invest in education by organizing workshop for teachers, building more infrastructure and providing reading and learning materials for schools in the district.

Operation clean your frontage
On the need to improve sanitation in the Obuasi East district, the DCE said the Assembly has introduced a policy known as ‘ operation clean your frontage’.
She said the Assembly is in the process of forming a taskforce which will be deployed to arrest those who throw rubbish indiscriminately.

“We are doing this ostensibly to ensure that every resident observe and understands the need to clean their immediate environment. We are counting on residents to support us to make it work”, she added.

Obuasi ECG warns residents against using fake meters
The Obuasi Area Manager of ECG Albert Kwame Agyabeng has warned residents against the use of fake meters.
He said there is a surge in the use of fake meters procured through dubious ways in Obuasi stressing that the practise has led to significant losses to the energy distributor.
Again he emphasized that the proliferation of fake meters has resulted in system overloads affecting quality and frequent supply of power.
Mr. Agyabeng warned that ECG is preparing to prosecute those with illegal meters advising owners of such meters to report to ECG for rectification.