Anglogold Ashanti Obuasi Mine Support Farmers In Adansi With Oil Palm Seedlings Under Their Climate Resilience Oil Palm Project.

AngloGold Ashanti on Thursday 28th July, 2023, as part of their commitment to impact communities in which they operate took another steps in enhancing agro industry in Obuasi, provided 30,000 oil Palm seedlings to oil palm farmers across all the District in Adansi with Solidaridad West Africa as partners. This is the first Phase of its Climate Resilient Oil Palm Project, a flagship agricultural development and climate focused intervention of AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi’s 10-Year Socio-Economic Development Plan(SEDP). The beneficiary District Assemblies included Obuasi Municipal, Obuasi East, Adansi North, Adansi South, Adansi Asokwa, and Adansi Akrofuom District Assembly.

Mr. Daniel Arthur Bentum, Economic Development Superintendent of the Obuasi Mine, speaking on behalf of the Senior Manager – Sustainability of AngloGold Ashanti Ghana, welcomed all the dignitaries present to the occasion, He said as part of the Economic Development component of the 10 Year Socio-Economic Development Agaric is a key factor which focus was to help farmers grow crops like maize, palm trees and others. He again said it is the vision of Government to build Palm Oil processing factory in Adansi as part of the One District One Factory program, then there was a need for them to support the production base. Upon research with their partners Solidaridad, it came out that most areas in Adansi was detected as Climate Venerable so there was a need to use palm to litigate the land. The main purpose of planting oil palm seedlings is that, palm is one crop which can litigate all the climate condition in the soil in order to reclaim all the land used by illegal miners and also as a source of income generation. 50 acres of land has been reclaimed through AngloGold Ashanti Ghana engagement with traditional and local authorities which they identified and converted degraded lands into agroforestry block farms.

Nana Kwaning Antwi Barimansu II, Fomina Benkum Hene a Special Guest speaking on behalf of Adansihene, thanked AngloGold Ashanti and Solidaridad for their Oil Palm Seedling planting initiative. He said palm is an important crop for the past, present and future, he also admonished the farmers to embrace this project as they received the seedlings and also caution them not to sell their seedlings. He finally advice the youth to involve themselves in agriculture rather than illegal mining.

The Obuasi East District Director of Agaric, Osei Yaw, speaking on behalf of the other Municipal and District Directors thank AngloGold Ashanti for the Climate Resilient Oil Palm Project (CROPP) which will positively affect food production in the area and also supply oil palm production industries within Adansi and the Country in general. He therefor edged the farmers to take proper management of the seedlings as they have taught them throughout the training program and also promised the farmers that their Agaric Extension Officers across all the Assemblies are ready to support them with their services. He also used that opportunity to introduce the two cooperative Farmers Groups Executives.

A beneficially called Kojo Adu a farmer in Obuasi East expressed his profound gratitude to AngloGold Ashanti for this initiative which is going to be more beneficial to farmers since it is not everybody who can have the opportunity to work in the Mining Company. He again said he is happy because there are already exiting Oil Palm industries who they can sell their palm fruit to for money which in a long run support their finances.

AngloGold Ashanti has invested a total of GHS 1.8 million into Phase One of the project, with the seedlings valued at GHS 105,000. The project seeks to improve the livelihood of farmers in five districts and one municipality through oil palm production by 2026, while contributing to Ghana’s deforestation mitigation targets through agroforestry by the same year.